Mox 308L-16 Stainless Steel Welding Electrode Rods
Delta Welding is a company with a Long term welding business since 1997, we specialize on :-
1. industrial machineries such as Mig/Co2 welding machines, AC/DC TIG welding machines, plasma cutting machine, AC/DC welding transformer machine and so on
2. Spare parts for all the above machines.
3. Industrial gases such as o2, Co2, Argon, acetylene etc 
4. All Type Of Welding Electrodes, CO2/Flux Core Wire, Stainless Steel Tig Rod, Electrodes Wire, Mildsteel Tig Rods, Aluminium Tig Rods Wire, TIG Rod
5. Medical Apparatus compromising of medical gases , machines and also medical accessories
6. Safety Equipments such as fire safety product, Tools combating harzadous fire, fire prevention gases , road safety, reflective equipments, road cones, and many more to offer
7. Fun and games products for infants, children at the age of 5 above, teenagers, young adults and also for senior citizens
8. Material Industrial Handling Solutions and etc etc

Mox Electrode Welding Rods

Sizes: All available

Price: Please enquire for the best price.

Warranty: 1 year guaranteed whole Malaysia
To Order :- Cash payment , Self Collect or courier to anywhere depending on your location. We cater whole Malaysia without fail
Local domestic: We also provide courier service to all areas in Malaysia. Price will vary on weight and location. 
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Thank you.